Finally, 2020 is over. The year with beautiful numbers, yet become one of the darkest year in the history of humanity. The Pandemi has disrupted everything and shake the world in a way that was unimaginable even a year ago.

In the past 9 months, we’ve lost and suffered so much in may ways. As creative workers, off course we’re affected as well. Despite all the downturn and social limitations, we’re trully grateful for being alive, relatively healthy, and manage to pass through this lesson of life, while doing whatever we can to survive this uncertainty with very limited resources.

Enter 2021, the year of hope. There are going to be some massive changes to our business strategy , and we will work extra to recover from recent losses. We definitely have to be optimistic, re-adjust ourselves and willing to sacrifice some things to be able to stay relevant.

So, goodbye 2020, and welcome 2021. Stay healthy, pray for the best, lets get to work and be better together.

Poetoe – 04.01.2121

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