Pardon the title, but if you’re a fan of Korean drama, you will understand what I mean 😂

Got a message from one of my old buddy, telling me that he would get engaged soon and looking for a photographer to cover the ceremony (surprise surprise!).  He also told me that due the pandemic the event would be a simple one, with only a few close family member participant and zero guest.  So he & his fiancé (who is also my crazy buddy) wanted to make the most out of whatever available at the ceremony and get as much ‘aesthetic’ images as possible (that’s why the wanted to hire me).  As a fellow photographer, how I can decline that? Hahaha!

On the D-day, it was indeed ‘minimalist’ (though I love the ‘offerings’ design and arrangement).  Not much going on with the formal ceremony (which went pretty smooth), yet on the other side, we got so much time to do creative couple shots.  It was crazy fun with zero hesitation! Got so many memorable photos along the way.  It was a special day worth remembering for all of us.

Congratulations Renata & Johan for the “almost married” ceremony. Thanks for having me and I hope you’re happy with the resulting photos.

Looking forward into your wedding day. With God’s blessing, it will be a beginning of a happy and long-lasting marriage.

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