Hi guys! How are you? Hope you’re doing fine and in a good shape. Due to the pandemic, things have been pretty awkward lately. It’s also been quite some time since my last blog post, so let’s continue with recent updates.

A while ago, one of my ex-student from Ciputra University contacted me by phone asking whether I’m available for a certain commercial lifestyle photography assignment.  It turned out that he and some of his friends were already running a commercial photo & video production business. For this particular project he needs an experienced photographer to complement the team and handling still images production. I thought it was interesting, so after a bit of negotiation, I agreed and took the offer.

And hooo boy, that was intense! We started very early in the morning and had to shoot at two venues in a single day. The first was at a show unit of a new luxurious apartment called Arc100 (the one that this production was made for), and then at Vasa Hotel Surabaya (the gym & the brazillian resto/café). The talents were foreign models, so we had to tackle some communication issues. Simultaneous photo & video taking process also challenged the whole team in terms of time and resource management.

Yet it was so much fun! Being involved in a production team with people from the younger generations definitely gave certain vibes to the whole creative thingie. The talents were professional, fun and very cooperative. Despite some minor issues plus a bit behind schedule, we’re grateful that the production went pretty smooth and didn’t deviate too much from the original plan. We were finished at around 7 PM. Looking at the results, it’s a job well done!

Thanks to the Anamorphix team, the cool talents, plus all the supporting participant and facilities, for everything.  I hope the results are satisfactory. Looking forward to the final publications!

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