Bangkok Bank Photoshoot – Part Deux

Got a call to shoot this beautiful building, once again. I already did this last year with pleasing results (see my commercial gallery), yet in the past months the owner added several enhancements to the building and they wanted to take another photos of this building with the latest settings.

If you look at the result and never visit this building, you’ll never know how challenging it was. The owner wants a front facade with the tree included, which was impossible with “normal” photography. So many limitations at the site (tall fence, minimal leeway space, building orientation, trees around the building, etc), and even when i finally managed to trick-capture it, the editing process was also a pain in the ass…this is definitely not a project for a lazy photoshopper, hehehe  😛

Dealing with real world situations and all those limitations, some compromise had to be made. I tried my best to minimize them, and achieve as natural as possible result. After several consultation session, the client finally agree with this final view. It may not be perfect, but this is the best achieveable currently  🙂

Thanks to Bangkok Bank for this challenging task…a good exercise for creative architectural photography  🙂

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