Guinness Arthur’s Day 2013 Surabaya – SteelHeart & FireHouse

Yeah, they’re coming again!! “Guinness Arthur’s Day” was visiting Surabaya for the third time on 17 October 2013. After previously featuring Mr. BIG & CREED, this year they brought two pop-rock bands, STEELHEART & FIREHOUSE, to the table. These two was really popular in early 90’s (that’s my younger days folks, so i got some memories with their songs, especially Firehouse’s).

My good friend who’s really into stage photography lately, Ms. Apey, asked me to help her covering this gig for Since my schedule allows, and for the sake of past memories, i agree to join her. I really do miss the romantic pop-rock songs from my high school days, way before jazz steals my soul 😀

I attended the press conference at JW Marriot a day before the show at the evening, and met some “concert-goers” journalist friends there. A good relaxation after an intensive architetural photoshoot in the morning at Trawas. It was a tiring day, yet indeed fun…and to my surprise, SteelHeart & FireHouse personels are still in top shape despite their age 😀

At the concert day, people (especially those around my age) were really anticipating these performers. As usual, we got the standard “three songs no flash” rule for stage photography, and unlike last year, this time we indeed got 3 songs duration to take photos for each band’s performance (please visit them at my stage photography gallery). Plenty of time for good pictures challenge, haha! 😀

Done with photography thingie, we re-entered the venue and enjoying flashback moments. That was memorable, especially with Steelheart’s “she’s gone” and Firehouse’s “love of a lifetime” and “i live my life for you”…ah, those beautiful days are coming back to me…

A great rock concert for people of my age…I wonder who will they bring next year 🙂

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