Judging Women Expo 2013’s Photo Competition

During one of my photo assignments, my old colleague friend, Mrs. Reny Widya called and asked me to be one of the judge of  Women Expo 2013 Photo Competition, held by IWAPI Jatim (an organization of east java’s female entrepreneurs) at Jatim Expo on October 6th, 2013.  The theme of the competition was “tough woman around us”, which seems ordinary but turned out rather tricky to execute. I found this interesting, so i accepted the offer  🙂


Together with Mrs. Reny (currently the leader of IWAPI jatim) and senior journalist from Jawa Pos, Mr. Yuyung Abdi, we judge the whole entry with specific criteria. It’s not easy, since each of us had different favourites.  After debating here and there concerning the rules, main theme, plus technical and artistic side,  we finally agreed on the winners. It’s not easy, especially voting for the top three.



It’s nice to be involved in this kind of activities once in a while…still related to photography without clicking the shutter button, and got some new insight about how a photo works on us 🙂




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