Keputih Bamboo Forest & Harmony Garden – The City’s Hidden Gem

I’ve heard about this place quite some time ago, but it’s only recently i actually had the chance to come in person and even did some photo session there, with awesome results 😀

 ‘Hutan Bambu Keputih’ & ‘Taman Harmoni Keputih’ (Keputih Bamboo Forest & Harmony Garden), is somewhat hidden gem to the city.  It’s the result of another attempt by local government of surabaya to provide outdoor public space for the people to do various leisure activities, while at the same time recovering the area from a rather controversial history.

 Years ago, this place was originaly a trash disposal and landfill area, so the image was bad enough to begin with. The goverment tries so hard to change it. At one part of the area, they planted bamboo seed, and at the other part, they created a flower garden / open park. This place is a work in progress, not yet finished, but already looks promising.

 The bamboo forest is already famous especially for it’s unique look, prefered by many photographers for their conceptual / thematic photoshoot. And for the flower garden / open park, there are already many people come to do many activities, from jogging, hangout with friends & families, or took pictures at several cool spots available.

 Recently, I did some cosplay photoshoot with some friends, trying to achieve that ‘japanese look’ at the bamboo forest in the evening.  With proper composition, i doesn’t even look like surabaya anymore, hahaha…beautiful girl in kimono, bamboo forest, golden sunlight, are the perfect ingredients for captivating imagery, isn’t it? 😀


Even selfies looked different, hahaha 😀


I also had the chance to do some professional endorsement photoshoot at harmony garden with my client. The results was nothing sort of spectacular. Due to circumstances, it was a bit tricky to find a proper ‘artistic’ composition, but when you got it, you nailed it! 😀


I really like this place! Looking forward for the completion of this project, and as some friend suggested, try to do a photoshoot in the morning at rainy season, when the bamboo forest is at it’s best (green and fresh).  Oh yeah, i will definitely do that!! 😀

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