Professional Career Sharing Session at Surabaya Intercultural School – 03.11.2015

About two months ago, I’ve got a message from my lecturer buddy, Cak Ikin (who’s famous for his surabayan-style parody video ‘Culo & Boyo’ ), asking whether I was available for a career sharing session about my current occupation (professional photographer). It will be held at Surabaya Intercultural School (SIS) Citraland. He was the previous guest-teacher, and the school asked him for recommendations.

I love sharing, and I think it’s another good opportunity to share some insight about professional photography to younger generations who’s about to decide their future career. So, i agreed and took the offer.  Not long after that, the officials from SIS contacted me and made the arrangement for the occasion.

Fast forward to D-Day, I was coming to the school early and prepare everything. It turned out that I had to share in an art-class whose students are ones that really interested in creative fields. That’s a good thing, since usually these people are the open-minded ones.  Mr. James Abbot, the teacher of this class opened the session briefly and then let me took over for my presentation.

Originally, I prepared the presentation materials in bahasa, but the students were mixed ones and they seemed more comfortable to interact in english. So i adjusted myself and decided to held the actual presentation/discussion in english.  No problemo, since i’m already used to it, and it’s more fun this way.

For about 45 minutes, I had to comprehensively deliver the presentation, mixing stories, a bit of theories and lots of portfolio samples to the students.  I tried to be as casual as possible, yet still delivering some serious stuff for them. I’m glad that they’re paying attention and eagerly following the presentation. It showed in the Q&A session, when their questions were rather deep and full of curiosity. I had to think seriously to answer them, especially because if had to respond in english, hahaha…it was fun and challenging 😀

Thanks to cak Ikin for the recommendation, and to Mr. James Abbot & Ms. Aris from Surabaya Intercultural School for the kind invitation…it was a pleasure for me and hopefully it will be useful for the students.  Hoping them all the best! 😀

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