Gili Trawangan Photoshoot – A Short Photographic Escape

At one of a lifestyle photo session lunch break, my client had a spontaneous idea about doing a getaway photoshoot at lombok island. I thought it was just joke, so I didn’t take it seriously at first. But two weeks later, she called me to confirm the photoshoot and asked whether I’m available to tag along. Well, for this kind of interesting opportunity, I’m always available, baby….err…ma’am 😛

It was an away photoshoot, so I had to bring almost all of my equipments with me. It’s very heavy, especially when I had to carry everything alone. But with two beautiful ladies coming along, it feels like I got an energy boost out of nowhere, hahaha …it turned out that we would go to Gili Trawangan Island, whose famous for its beatiful beach and vista.

It took several hours to reach the Island, and we stayed at one of the fanciest hotel out there named Scallywags. As a photographer and ex-architect, I really love the scenery and design of the hotel, especially the outdoor bathroom. I can see stars in the sky while showering with warm water at night…it’s kinda amazing, heheheh 😛

Soon after we arrived and rest a bit, we started the photoshoot. It was already about 3pm, so the lighting condition was optimal and getting better (so was the weather). We took many shots (and some videos too), including bikini shots, swimsuit shots, and casual look shots. With blue sky, greenish seascape, whitesand, and beautiful women, what more can you ask!? It was lots lots of fun!!! We did the photoshoot until about 5.30 pm, then return to our room (separate, of course :P) to rest, clean ourselves and getting ready for dinner. The dinner itself was a fabulous experience 😀

The following day we had another photoshoot, with a more casual approach. It was a wonderful morning, with golden sun and everything. I love the costumes the ladies wore, it feels a lot like a vacation rather than assignment. Done with the photoshoot, we had lunch, and then immediately prepared ourselves to return to surabaya. We left at 9 am, and arrived safely at surabaya at 12 am.
Technically, we only stayed at Gili Trawangan for less than 24 hours, yet it was truly memorable.  Yes, I shot many beautiful ladies before, but not everyday you got the chance to do it with the atmosphere of a vacation. Someday,  I will definitely return to this place and having a real photo vacation 😀

Thank you for the fun opportunity! 😀

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