Editoral Photoshoot – Dellie Threesyadinda

That morning I got notifications on my phone while I was teaching my photography classt. It turned out that the one whose message me was my Editor buddy at Femina magazine, Ms. Faunda. After the class , I called her back, and it turned out that she contacted me for another editorial photo assignment.

Previously I’ve been shooting several assignments for this magazine. This time around, the one I had to make picture was a prominent young national archery athlete, Dellie Threesyadinda. Yes, I knew about her before from news about her achievements, and from a TV commercial of a specific girl products.  But I didn’t know that she is actually live in surabaya. After discussing some technical matters with the editor, I contacted Dellie and made an appointment for the photoshoot.

Fast forward to D-day. The photoshoot was planned at 4 pm, but in the morning Surabaya was raining very hard. I was worried that the weather will not be optimal for outdoor photoshoot, but luckily at noon the sky opened up. Toward 4 pm, the sun shines as I had hope, thank GOD for that 😀

We met at the appointed location, lapangan KONI Kertajaya, at 4.15 pm. I greet Dellie, talk a bit about the idea and concept with her, then shoot.  Dellie was very cooperative, so it’s a lot easier to get great photos from her. Not to mention that she’s naturally pretty, that indeed helped a lot, hahaha!!  We were there for about an hour, and I got the photos required by the magazine. I left the venue with a big smile on my face.

I can hardly wait to see my photos get published once again. Thanks to Femina magazine for the assignment and to Dellie for the cooperation. That was fun!

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