‘Krakatau Reunion – Chapter One’ Surabaya Concert

Any indonesian music lover (especially from my generation) should be familiar with the name of this particular band. ‘Krakatau’, a prominent Indonesian group with their unique and dynamic musical style, that in a way represents an era in the history of Indonesian music.

When performed at Surabaya Jazz Traffic Festival two years ago, the band made a promise that  they will come back to Surabaya with a vengeance.  And yeah, they finally fullfiled the promise by performing  a special concert called ‘Krakatau Reunion – Chapter One’ in January 7th, 2017. It’s a concert of nostalgia, while at the same time promoting their new creations in an album named ‘Chapter One’, with 11 new songs in it.  All the original members, i.e. Trie Utami, Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan, Dwiki Dharmawan, Doni Suhendra and Prabudi Dharma, were there.

Me and one of my buddy was invited to cover the event (this time for www.festivalphoto.net) by one of the main sponsors, Suara Surabaya Media. A lucky chance, since both of us are avid fans of this band.

The event was held at Grand City Convex Surabaya. A straight-up and no-nonsense concert that started immediately without any opening act or bands. The concerts seems fully-boked, even the VIP and VVIP seats were full.

The concert itself was a roller coaster full of joy.  All the members gave their best, and considering their age, I was amazed at their masterful performance, hahaha…one little surprise was the date of the concert is the same as Trie Utami’s birthday, so we got a little on-stage celebration for that…happy birthday, mbak I’ik 😀

They played most, if not all, the songs from their new album. Some become my personal favourite, like ‘aku, kamu, kita’ , ‘hanya bisa melihat’ and ‘moon stone’. And of course, they played their signature songs like ‘kembali satu’, ‘kau datang’ and ‘la samba primadonna’.  I can hardly sit still, and automatically dance following the music, even when taking pictures, hahaha 😀

The concert was a big success, and it showed in the audience’s enthusiasm. Many bought the ‘Chapter One’ CD immediately.  I was planned to buy one myself, but it turned out that the organizer bonused each of media people who covered the event with a copy of the new album.  Whoo boy, I’m a happy fans, hahaha…thank you Krakatau, Suara Surabaya Media and all involved, it was a blast! 😀

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