Phew, it’s been a while! The last blog was from January 2017 (OMG, it’s been three years!). This website had been plaqued with so many issues since mid-2017, and due to circumstances we had struggled to maintain it…until now!

Welcome 2020, when COVID19 pandemic steals the spotlight anywhere around the world. It definitely creates disasters on our daily life. On the other hand, we are given so much free time to think about a refresh to our beloved professional brand.

So, here we are. First of all, after 15 years Poetography finally got a logo update (yaaay!!), with the new one being more mature, flexible and modern. The principles and philosophy are unchanged, but the new look represents a fresh spirit and clearer vision. Hopefully this will reward us with positive experience in the future.

Second, we’ve managed to update our website with a cleaner & leaner look that goes along well with the new logo. It’s simpler, easier to navigate and more bussiness oriented. Plus off course, it’s mobile-friendly!

The photos look so much better here compared to the ones on social media. Yes, we have used instagram as a main portfolio when this website was unavailable, but from now on it serves as a backup. We will update this web site regularly (and blogs once in a while).

And finally the third, a new focus! Previously we’ve been working on many types of photography genre. Now, we’re going narrow down our effort only on the ones that suit us best, i.e. fashion, portrait, architectural and wedding photography. Wish us luck!

Thank you for your attention and enjoy your stay. Should you need our help, give us a call.

Now, let’s get to work!

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