Wisma Jerman Surabaya Photoshoot

A few years ago, I got acquainted with the Director of Wisma Jerman Surabaya, Mrs. Birgitt Stefan, at a jazz concert in Surabaya. It turns out that Mrs. Birgitt loves photography, so it was pretty easy to connect and get along with her personally and professionaly.

Last year, she apparently recommended me to create some images for Wisma Jerman’s promotional material. And of course I said ‘yes’ for this kind opportunity, hahaha 😀

The process itself was pretty straightforward. Helped by Mr. Findy, my contact person for the task, we discussed what kind of images do they need, the talents, locations, and when to shoot. We decided to start the photoshoot two weeks later.

Because everything had been well-planned, the photoshoot ran relatively smooth.  The weather was good, the talents were very cooperative and the atmosphere was great. We planned for three days photoshoot, but it turns out that one and a half day was enough to finish every scene. So it’s a win-win for all of us!!

The final images were pretty satisfactory, and because it’s already good originally, I was able to deliver those images within a week from the photoshoot.

Another fun and relatively hassle-free experience…Thank you Wisma Jerman for this opportunity, and to Mrs. Birgitt for recommending me 🙂

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