Arva School of Fashion / Creativo School Photoshoot

At the final days of 2015, one of my cosplayer buddies contacted me. He currently works for Arva School of Fashion / Creativo School, a fashion and graphics design education institution in Surabaya. He said that Arva and Creativo need some new promotional images for 2016 and asked my availability for the task.  For this kind of job, how can I say no? hahaha.

Agreeing to handle the task, I made a visit to the school building to meet my friend & the director to discuss about their needs. I also checked the venue for potentially good spots for photoshoot based on the scenario we discussed earlier. The photoshoot itself started about a month later.

Due to educational circumstances, we could only do the photoshoot on weekends. We had to split the photoshoot into 3 weekends, so I had to come to the location three times (phew). Luckily, the talents were fun to work with, and the contemporary design of the interior helped a lot to achieve great result quicker. It was easier to set the lighting and find a proper angle, since the natural lighting was already good and there’s a lot of space to move around.

The only difficulty I had was when photographing the exterior of the building, due to inconsistent weather and limited space to find a proper angle for architectural shot.  After several failed attempts, I had to go to the building in a rush one Sunday evening only because that moment the weather was ideal for the shot I want…totally unplanned, yet luckily, I got the shot, hehe.

In the end, it was another pleasantful photoshoot experince, albeit a tedious one…but then, it’s all worth it! Thanks Arva & Creativo for the fun commision 🙂

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